Fall Back | You Have Time

29 Oct Fall Back | You Have Time

Daylight Savings Time was first thought of by Benjamin Franklin in 1784 and was actually named the Standard Times Act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1918. This act was repealed two years later after dairy farmers were up in arms. The U.S. has been back and forth on the issue throughout the years. Currently, most of us set our clocks one hour ahead (Spring Forward) in March and one hour back (Fall Back) in November. Many are thrilled at the thought of having 1 more hour sleep. Or, you could rise at your normal time to: • Reactivate Self – Begin a new exercise regimen. Doing so can actually improve productivity in all aspects of your life. • Revitallize Resume – Blow the dust off your resume and put some long needed updates in place. There are many ways to reformat and rephrase your years of experience. • Re-Focus Job Search/Career Goals – Complete a career assessment to better match you to a job. This may lead you to search for a position in an industry you may not have ever considered. Whatever you choose to do with your extra hour in the morning, Fall Back with purpose! We return to Standard Time on November 1st. Before you head to bed, set your clocks back 1 hour. Share your comments with us on the Accuro Group LinkedIn , Facebook or Twitter pages. Happy Fall!
Marlese McLaughlin