How to be every recruiter’s dream candidate

17 Jun How to be every recruiter’s dream candidate

I have worked with thousands of candidates over the years, literally – thousands. And there are just some candidates that you love working with. If you want to be one of those candidates that recruiters love to work with – which easily translates to getting you into a role you’ll love, follow these simple guidelines:
  • Treat the candidate/recruiter relationship as you would any valuable partnership, and begin with building trust. Trust is built on mutual respect and transparency.
  • Communicate effectively. Let us know if you’re entertaining other opportunities so we can let our clients know. The recruiting process can be lengthy for some clients – sometimes months. There’s no reason for us to not tell you if we hear from the client, but work with your recruiter on expectations around updates/checking in.
  • Do your homework prior to our interview. Study the company and job description, and be prepared to discuss what you’ve done that relates to what the client is looking for. You may be asked to embellish or clarify, but try to be as concise and clear as possible.
  • Know why you want the job and why you want to work for our client. Your goals are important, but don’t forget about what’s in it for the company. How will hiring you benefit them?
  • If you’re selected for an interview with our client, leverage our coaching advice that may include some tough feedback. Any feedback will be given in the spirit of enhancing your success.
  • Bring your “A Game” to the interview – every time. Show up strong and well prepared. You’re representing yourself, the recruiter, and the recruiting company.
  • Respect the recruiter/client relationship. If you’ve applied to a job with our client, tell us so we don’t waste time. Ask about following up with our client after the interviews; sometimes it’s appropriate and sometimes it’s not.
If you’re following these guidelines, chances are you’ll mostly likely be in a strong position for a successful career for as long as you choose to work. If some of these guidelines are new to you, there’s no time like the present to make a change – and you’ll be every recruiter’s dream candidate as well. This post was contributed by Diane Craver, Director of Recruitment at Accuro. Diane may be reached at or 919-322-5386
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