Accuro Releases Podcast Discussing Staffing Solutions

05 Jul Accuro Releases Podcast Discussing Staffing Solutions

Raleigh, N.C. – Jennifer Dunleavy, president of Accuro (, a strategic staffing and recruitment company to Fortune 500 and global organizations, has announced the release of a podcast discussing the firm’s staffing solutions and how Accuro can solve the difficulties of the hiring process. In the podcast, Dunleavy discusses the unique services Accuro provides to clients that set it apart from other recruitment companies, the steps Accuro takes to ensure high retention rates among those they place, the ways in which Accuro encourages a diverse workforce for its clients, and the single most challenging aspect of the hiring process for employers today and how Accuro helps its clients address it. The podcast is available for download at “More than ever, companies are looking for candidates that will help them more than just by filling a position,” said Dunleavy. “The practical advice I present in this podcast will help business leaders, managers and HR executives of firms plan to develop a staff that meets its needs over the long term and prevent turnover to ensure a vibrant workplace.”
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