Emotional Intelligence: A Factor in Predicting Employee Performance

28 Oct Emotional Intelligence: A Factor in Predicting Employee Performance

When interviewing and selecting candidates hiring managers are looking for top talent; this means candidates who are educated, have experience and possess the skills that will make them successful in their new job. However, hiring a top performer is more than just a match in background and skills. Emotional intelligence has proven to be an invaluable asset when determining which candidates will be high performing employees. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, control and differentiate emotions in oneself and others. Studies have shown that the level an individual rates in emotional intelligence will be a strong predictor of their performance as an employee and as a leader. Managers who rate high in emotional intelligence will have the ability to effectively communicate company goals and areas for improvement to their employees. They will also be intuitive when screening candidates during the interview process. A hiring manager who ranks high in emotional intelligence will be able to pick up on a candidate’s ability to work with others, their attitude and their work ethic – qualities a CV doesn’t always reflect. At Accuro, our recruiters know that finding the best candidate isn’t just about matching words on a résumé to a job description, it’s about finding candidates that have the emotional intelligence and skills that will allow them to excel in their new position, bringing success to their team and their company. This post was contributed by Katelyn Stoddard, Office Manager at Accuro. Katelyn may be reached at katelyn@accurogroup.com or 919-851-9880
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