The Accuro Executive Search Process

Our process was developed from over 30 years of best practices across multiple industries.

At Accuro, we work differently to build creative, collaborative partnerships. Our five-step executive search process enables us to identify and deliver proven leaders who will drive your business forward.
We get to know each other

From the start, we invest the time to thoroughly understand your business, its culture, and your ideal candidate profile so we can select the right people for your leadership positions.

The search begins

Our experienced Executive Search team utilizes over 50 years of combined experience and resources to identify top leadership talent. Resources include an extensive network, direct referrals, targeted sourcing activities, social media, alumni networks, trade events, and professional organizations.

We get selective

Once we review resumes of targeted candidates, we then conduct an initial phone screen to assess initial alignment against your objectives and performance targets.

We get personal

Next, we conduct in-depth, face-to-face interviews with our top candidates to evaluate hard and soft skills, experience and previous achievements against your specific needs and long-term business objectives. We then measure each candidate against a balanced scorecard developed according to your unique expectations and business objectives.

You’re set up for success

We facilitate final interviews between you and the top 2-3 candidates. Upon your selection of the final candidate, we work with you to develop and extend an offer for employment, conduct all necessary references and leadership assessments, and establish a start date and milestones to ensure the new hire will succeed in his or her position.

Our expertise and eye for top talent makes each and every executive search unique.

“Accuro has a great eye for talent.”

Technology Services Manager