Our Niche is Leadership

We’ve built relationships across multiple industries, honing our skills for identifying extraordinary leadership, no matter the niche.

We take time to learn your business, listen to what you’re saying, and what you’re not. Because for us, finding the best long-term solution and getting it right on the first try is where we excel. It’s what’s led to a 98.4% retention rate since our start in 2003. And it’s why hearing, “Wow, this is a very different experience from working with other recruiters” has become so regular for us.

How is Accuro different? Let us count the ways…

1. We listen. We’re not out for quick wins. We take time to get to know you, your business, and your long-term goals — listening to what you’re saying and what you’re not — so that we can determine the absolute best fit for the long term.

2. Our niche is leadership. We’ve worked across multiple industries to prove that the traits of strong leaders remain the same — and it’s those traits that capture our focus and translate into your business results.

3. We are looking for the perfect fit on both sides. With deep knowledge of your organization in mind, we tap into candidates’ short-term and long-term goals to assess mutual alignment and guarantee high ROI for you.

4. We have an unprecedented retention rate. Since 2003, we’ve built a 98.4% retention rate by putting our process to work and identifying the right people for our clients.

5. Our vast network extends your candidate pool. We don’t spray and pray with job postings — instead, we utilize the value of our extensive network to reach out and build relationships with the best leaders and qualified candidates.

Experience our Executive Search process first-hand.

“I have received very positive feedback about Accuro, and I know that my team has referred other people to Accuro – I think that is a testimony in itself.”

Director of Finance

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