Holiday Job Search | Things You Should Know

01 Dec Holiday Job Search | Things You Should Know

It’s not the end of the world to be looking for a job this time of year. Here are some tips you might find useful.
#1 Don’t think that no one hires in December. While true in some cases, other managers may be scrambling to fill positions before January 1.
#2 Many job seekers quit actively searching this time of year, so you’ll have less competition. This in effect lowers the number of applications, improving your odds.
#3 Be flexible. During this time of year, the interview window may be quite small because of vacation schedules. Be ready if asked to interview on short notice.
#4 Key decision-makers may be less available so the hiring process may take more time than usual. Be patient.
#5 Use opportunities at your holiday gatherings as networking events too. Leads can come from anywhere, at any time.”
As with any search, completing an application using the front door method (ex.By submitting directly to the company’s website) will take a long time and there is no guarantee that it will even be seen. Instead use the back door method – call a recruiter. Recruiting firms like Accuro specialize in building relationships with companies and are trusted to submit vetted, qualified candidates for positions our clients need to fill. In other words, we help get you noticed! Let us know tips we may have missed or strategies you would like to share by visiting the Accuro Group LinkedIn , Facebook or Twitter pages.
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