How to Lose Your Candidate in 10 Minutes

27 Jan How to Lose Your Candidate in 10 Minutes

In recent blogs we’ve shared mistakes candidates make that cost them their job offers.  However, filling a position requires  a 50/50 partnership, which is why we also wanted to share some of the classic mistakes companies make that cause them to miss out on top-notch candidates. Mistake #1: Slow response time In today’s candidate-driven marketplace, individuals are sought out by multiple companies for their skills.  In a “first come, first served” environment companies cannot afford to make top talent wait.  Adopt a sense of urgency and become committed to making hiring decisions quickly. Mistake #2: Poor interview questions The quality of a hiring manager’s interview questions will portray to the candidate how valuable a role they would be playing in the organization should they be selected.  Remember, the interview is the hiring manager’s opportunity to sell the company to the candidate, so be prepared, ask probing questions, and show the candidate that your company is willing to invest in them. Mistake #3: Inefficient hiring process Having a complicated and drawn-out hiring process can also be a factor in causing companies to lose their top candidates to competitors.  It is crucial that employers implement strategies to streamline their hiring processes.  The more convoluted the hiring process, the more time the candidate has to look at his or her other options. What advice do you have for companies trying to enhance their recruitment process? Let us know by commenting on the Accuro Group LinkedIn page or following us on Twitter! This post was contributed by Tony Phillips, Talent Acquisition Partner at Accuro. Tony may be reached at
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