maintaining balance in an ever-connected world

20 Dec maintaining balance in an ever-connected world

Imagine this, if you will.  It is late one afternoon, after a tedious day of meetings, conference calls, web meetings and finding time to run the occasional errand, the last thing you envision yourself doing is posting to your blog or Twitter account.  Your phone has been buzzing all afternoon and your email notification has been a steady “ding.”  You have update social media written as the last thing on your to-do list for the day, but you seem to have no desire to manage it.  Although the constant state of connectivity may be draining at times, it is important to remind yourself of the benefits of social media to your career.  Here are a few simple reminders to consider when social media stress levels are rising:

Disconnect.  Set aside time throughout your day where you are not starring at a computer screen or checking your phone.  Whether you set your smartphone down for ten minutes or turn it off for the duration of your lunch break, disconnecting will help reduce stress and make other tasks easier to manage.  When you return to your computer and other work, your mind will be clearer and ready for action. Taking this time away will not only make your social media efforts more efficient, but it will also refresh your creativity levels. 

Be health savvy.  Even though work might be hectic or you have a to-do list that is a mile long, bring to mind the importance of your body.  Skipping a healthy lunch due to lack of time or forgetting to take deep breaths because you need to update your Twitter account are not revered habits. 

The haste of social media and the connected world is demanding—remind yourself to disconnect and to be health conscious throughout your daily life.  Achieving balance between work and managing your social media endeavors will only enrich your creativity and your content. 

Accuro Administrator