New Year Resolutions | Make Them Achievable

10 Dec New Year Resolutions | Make Them Achievable

It is about that time of year when some people begin thinking about making resolutions for the New Year. Resolutions are typically big generalized statements like: Lose weight, quit smoking or get organized and are written as mini reminders to keep us in line or challenge us to be better at what we do or who we are. Whatever the reason, the intent is good. So why is it that at least 50% of us will ditch our resolutions by July? According to Nielsen, here are the Top 20 Resolutions of 2015: Stay fit and healthy 37% Lose weight 32% Enjoy life to the fullest 28% Spend less, save more 25% Spend more time with family and friends 19% Get organized 18% Will not make any resolutions 16% Learn something new/new hobby 14% Travel more 14% Read more 12% Stephen Meyer, a Forbes Contributor, outlines psychology in his article suggesting that when you have specific, tangible, measurable goals they are much more realistic to achieve – Implementation Intentions. It’s how you go about creating your goals that’s important. Read more here. Perhaps instead of personal goals, this year make your resolution focus more about achievable professional goals, like steps to take to get closer to a promotion or what type of position specific certifications can you obtain to make your job easier, or more interesting? Whatever they are, make a plan, write them down and make them realistic! How have your New Year’s Resolutions changed over the years? Share yours with us by visiting the Accuro Group LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages.
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