Our Own Melting Pot – Diversity in the Triangle

08 Sep Our Own Melting Pot – Diversity in the Triangle

The Triangle Business Journal recently announced that Wake County is projected to pass 1 million residents within the next month and that people are continuing to move here at a rate of 62 people per day. In fact people are moving here not only from all over the country, but from around the world, creating our own melting pot of ethnic and cultural diversity right here in the Triangle. As someone who has also recently relocated to North Carolina, one of the most attractive things about the state is the diversity I see and live on a daily basis. It is vital to the success of any organization that people get to know, understand and respect people who come from different backgrounds, cultures and geographies. Creating a work environment that emphasizes diversity and cultural awareness improves employee relationships and teamwork as well as helps to drive the business goals of the organization.
Accuro Administrator