How to Revamp Your “Boring” Resume (With Examples)

28 Jun How to Revamp Your “Boring” Resume (With Examples)

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Your Boring Resume: They Snooze, You Lose

July is National Anti-Boredom Month, so for the next few weeks, we want to focus on taking unique approaches to both job hunting and recruiting. Whether it’s creating a LinkedIn profile that will get recruiters’ attention, or on the flip side, posting a job ad that will get potential candidates’ attention, Accuro has some “anti-boring” tips and tricks. 

Let’s start with the task that everyone loves to hate: writing a resume. If you are in a role that requires repetitive or seemingly mundane tasks, or if you perform many solo tasks, you may find yourself struggling to describe the significance of your experiences. The following tactics can help add some eye-catching “wow” factor to your resume.

  1. Highlight Your Purpose

    Say you’re an administrative assistant who handles billing a majority of the day. Listing “filed invoices” as a duty will probably make most recruiters’ eyes glaze over. Try to focus on the higher-level purpose and the fast pace involved with invoicing. This helps shed light on the valuable skills required for the task, as well as your own self-awareness regarding your work.

    Career Enlightenment suggests asking yourself “what, why, how and when” to add more interest to your job responsibilities. Following this advice, you may instead find yourself typing, “Quickly and accurately assisted both customers and the sales team with up to 20 invoice requests per hour, increasing brand trust and supporting sales growth.” See how much more captivating and impressive that sounds?

  2. Focus on Results

    It’s crucial to focus on specific, measurable results rather than tasks alone. For instance, if one of your responsibilities is inventory management, you might point out how your new filing system improved the accuracy of your order placements, reducing the company’s average shipping time by 15%. Not only does this emphasize your value as an employee, it also shows that you were very aware and tactical about your impact on the business.

    If you do not know the exact results of your actions, this article from Two Cents provides great suggestions about how to measure your success. This practice will make you a star candidate and shed light on both your effectiveness and room for improvement at your current job.

  3. Include Examples 

    Similarly, it’s important to use execution-related responsibilities as a chance to be as specific as possible, beyond metrics. For example, someone in a marketing role will likely have experience with event planning. One option is to simply list “Event Planning for up to 5 functions per year including fundraisers, parties and trade shows.” Not bad, but optimally, the marketer should take this as an opportunity to expand on impressive details. How about adding, “For example, launched our company’s first-ever fundraiser, bringing together 300 people from more than 50 companies and earning $10,000 in donations.” Now there’s that wow factor!  

  4. Provide Testimonials

    There’s a couple ways to accomplish this final strategy. The first is obvious: if you feel confident in asking for quotable feedback, or if you already have some, that’s great! However, it can be daunting or somewhat inconvenient to request testimonials, especially if you’re seeking praise from an older experience. Try this approach from The Muse instead: “Think back on any compliments or recognition you received from a boss – whether it was done in passing or in a formal performance review. Then, include that as a bullet point.” This a very simple yet effective way of incorporating general feedback into your resume.

Summary & Next Steps 

Now you’re ready to take your “boring” resume to the next level! To summarize, be as explicit as possible in your duties and make sure to include measurable results and testimonials. There can be a lot of competition for that dream job you’ve got your eye on, and taking these extra measures will help you stand out from the crowd. Better yet, optimizing your job descriptions and accomplishments is wonderful preparation for interviews. Don’t forget to publish your new and improved job descriptions on your LinkedIn profile as well!

Once you’ve got your resume ready to go, Accuro’s job search portal is a great place to start. Happy hunting, and good luck!

Jennifer Asciutto

Jennifer Asciutto is head of Marketing & Communications at Accuro. You may contact her at for information about promotions, editorial pieces and events.