The Evolution of Culture | Declassifying Generations

09 May The Evolution of Culture | Declassifying Generations

CC_CreativeMinimalism_V4A common thread in modern office culture conversation is the discussion of generations. Eric Temuende of Gen-Y Inc. warns us that classifying individuals based on the year they were born is a dangerous game, and can be prohibitive to good company culture. Like all stereotypes, the idea that every person born within a 15 year span will value the same ideas and present with the same flaws is misconstrued:
The idea of a generation is simply a false construct. Human Resources of the future won’t just be focused on the skills and requirements to do the job; it will be about alignment of culture and the pursuit of fit in the workplace. As communication increases, so does a sense of community. As community increases, so does belonging. No, we can’t fix culture, but we can fix the way we classify people. One we value each person for who they are and remove the assumption that they have the same qualities as the rest of a generation we have falsely constructed, we can focus on alignment, community, and belonging.” (Eric Temuende, Co-Founder, Gen-Y Inc.
What sort of challenges have you faced in your pursuit of cultural alignment? Culture can’t be changed, but can it evolve? Will realigning assumptions about people change the office environment? Leave a comment, head over to LinkedIn or Twitter, and tag your post with #AccuroTalks to join the conversation.
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