The market for talent is heating up. Don’t be left in the cold.

29 Jul The market for talent is heating up. Don’t be left in the cold.

For the past several years, the hiring market has been chilly with the exception of a few sectors that remain hot no matter what. Our recruiters are seeing multiple offers for candidates as they have more choices than they have in the past few years. Candidates are a lot savvier in the recruitment process and their expectations are high for how they will be treated throughout the interviewing process. Make a wrong move, and hiring managers will find themselves losing talent to their competitors and wasting a lot of time. If you’re a manager tasked with hiring people, below are 3 questions to consider to ensure top talent is attracted to your company:
  • How does your recruitment process reflect your leadership style and the company culture? Do all interviewers know & understand how to create an experience for the candidate that reflects what you want it to? If you treat your candidates like your best customers, you can’t go wrong!
  • Do you use project management principles in your recruiting process? An effective recruiting process leverages strong project management principles: engaging all stakeholders, goal setting, timelines, budgeting, etc. Regular communication and feedback throughout the process is essential. Handing over a job description to the recruiter without establishing a strong process for working together simply slows things down and can result in losing your best candidates.
  • Is hiring a priority? We get that many managers are swamped as they go about delivering results to their customers. At the same time, people deliver those results, so you can’t deliver without the right people.  Look for ways to keep the process moving along with candidates engaged as much as possible.
This post was contributed by Diane Craver, Director of Recruitment. Diane may be reached at or 919-322-5386  
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