Veterans | Employment in the Civilian Workforce

09 Nov Veterans | Employment in the Civilian Workforce

Hire VetsVeterans Day is November 11th. It is a day to honor Veterans of all wars. Government officials, churches and schools observe the day for remembrance of all who served, to celebrate victories they helped achieve and their return home. While Veterans serve a block of time in our nation’s military, some may not choose that as their career. From a recruiter or hiring manager standpoint, if you’re looking for candidates to fill open positions and you come across a resume with military service listed, take a moment to understand how skills learned for a position in the military may translate to the skills/requirements you are seeking in an employee. Here is an excellent article by Luke Siuty, Welcoming Veterans back to the Civilian Workforce based on an interview with a veteran. This may provide more vision as to some of the challenges or obstacles Veterans face when making the transition to civilian work. More tips: 1 – A Veteran’s hidden talents go beyond rank, branch of service and military occupation Here is an analogy I found on the web: “… is there a relationship between a military sniper and a software quality engineer? What is a sniper? What is a software engineer? Both are focused on initiative, identifying small changes, working alone and in a team, technical expertise and a complete understanding of the environment in which they operate. “ 2 – How do Veterans translate their military experience into civilian terms? You may find that veterans possess unique skill sets that could be of great benefit to your company’s efforts. 3 – Veteran employees are used to being challenged. So challenge them. They may be experienced in team collaboration, leadership, coaching, back-up plans, different approaches to issues, so push the envelope – they can take it! When considering a Veteran for employment and are somewhat unsure how their military position skill set will translate into what you’re looking for, ask the veteran to tell you a story about their most challenging day, why it was challenging and what they did to be successful. Their answer may surprise you! Tell us about experiences in hiring Veterans. We would love to hear from you! Share your comments with us on the Accuro Group LinkedIn , Facebook or Twitter page.
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