Accuro Supports BackPack Buddies During Team Volunteer Outing

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Supporting Our Local Community

On May 15th, the Accuro team supported the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s BackPack Buddies program in Raleigh, NC. BackPack Buddies provides children from low-income households with nutritious, kid-friendly groceries for weekends when free school lunches and breakfasts are not provided.

According to Feeding America, 1 in 4 children are at risk of hunger in North Carolina. The BackPack Buddies initiative helps alleviate this problem by providing nearly 2,400 children with BackPacks each week.

 “The volunteer work was very rewarding and well-organized,” said Tony Phillips, Senior Acquisition Partner at Accuro. “Inter-Faith had an efficient setup that allowed every single one of us to work together to pack bags filled with healthy items. After that, they gave us a tour of the facility, showing us how they were able to assist so many families.”

Teaming Building Through Philanthropy

Sporting its signature orange color, the Accuro team enjoyed spending time together outside of the office while supporting a great cause for the community.

 “Robert was amazing at opening those little plastic grocery bags that we mere mortals cannot get open, then Lee would put protein items into the bag, Jennifer veggies, me fruit, Mason snacks, and so on down the line while John clicked the ticker with a smile on his face,” Tony continued. “Our goal was 125 bags, but Mason talked an organizer into letting us do 150 bags. We all worked together and were able to pack 150 bags for kids in just 40 minutes.”

Learn More About BackPack Buddies & Accuro

To learn more about supporting the Food Shuttle’s BackPack Buddies program, please visit their website.

Accuro is a talent acquisition company headquartered in Raleigh, NC that provides strategic staffing, executive search and contingent workforce solutions to Fortune 500 and global organizations.